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Bomb Group Memorial Association

8th Air Force - 1st Air Division

The 398th Air Force Historical Society is a remarkably large population of Army Air Corp personnel that served in World War Two. Over twenty years ago, they formed a sanctioned group and have been looking for "lost souls" ever since. My father, George R. Hilliard, is unit contact. This nation, as well as you and me, owes a great deal to all of the over two thousand current surviving members. They all have a story to tell. My daughter and I have been assisting in a small way to help locate people for my father. This has been rewarding in many ways.

If you know of someone that was in the 398th Bombardment Group, you may contact:

George R. Hilliard - P.O. Box 36097 - Cincinnati, Ohio 45236


Send an email to me, , and I will forward it to him.

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