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The "Friends of the 398th" are worldwide.

England, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Not to mention Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Bahamas, where some of our members are living.

But while our "Friends" are scattered abroad in these various countries, the real "home town" of this contingent is really in a little community of Nuthamptead, near Royston, Herts, England. Just a few houses amidst some of the best wheat growing land in all of England.

A community whose lifestyle was changed dramatically when they built Station 131 in the middle of it all. It was one more "dot" on the East Anglia map indicating a World War II airfield.

The bombers of the 398th shattered the tranquility of the once isolated farming community. The roar of the Cyclones has long since drifted into history, but the imprints of that period still remain. Some can be seen yet today among the 365 acres, but more so in the hearts and minds of the people of Nuthampstead and the communities of Anstey, Barkley, Meesden, Little Chishill, Hare Street, Langley, Reed and others who followed the going out and the coming home of the Fortresses.

After the war, and after the concrete from the runways was used to build the M1 Motorway from London to Birmingham, there emerged a "coalition" of the longtime residents and newcomers…young and old…who formed the original "Friends of the 398th". Surely never thinking their little group would grow from a sparse few to nearly 2000 in the coming years.

Thus, the enthusiasm of a few that led to a camaraderie unequaled among similar 8th Air Force "Friends" organizations today, has blossomed into a multi-national organization.

All because of "Nuthampstead".